Circuit Training

If your looking for a fun and sociable way to improve or maintain your level of fitness, why not come along to the popular Circuit Training class run by Starbuck Sports.

A one hour session involves a warm-up, three circuits of 12+ varying exercises and a cool-down. Each week the set-up is changed to keep the session fresh and interesting. Sometimes it is a general fitness circuit and at other times the circuit will focus on particular areas of the body or particular qualities of fitness such as strength or plyometrics (speed and explosive power). Throughout the session a close eye is kept on the participants to ensure that correct techniques are used. This helps to prevent injuries and creates a safer environment for everyone.

Although Circuit Training is a class activity, the exercises are mostly done individually which enables all abilities and ages (12+) to attend the class.

This one hour class is held at Awbridge Village Hall on Wednesday evenings at 6.30 pm.

Pay as you go: £6 per Circuit Class.

Please call me on 07876 671206 to check space availability.